THE BRAND NEW STUDIO: (Finished Soon!)

Like every other musician in the world who is in to recording music, I have always wanted my own studio. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had some really nice “Home Studios” before but this time (thanks to my awesome wife) my lifelong dream of owning/building/running my own professional recording studio is becoming a reality.

The Studio design was done completely by me using online CAD software and I think the end result will be just perfect for the type of work that I am currently doing. I will spend the next 5 or 6 weeks updating this post with pictures, how-to’s etc. so please check back often.
Let’s begin with the drawing of the studio. As you can see, the whole building is 24′ x 18′. Reason for this size is due to the available space and budget. It will be plenty big enough I’m sure. The Control Room is 13’x11′ with an adjoining Isolation Booth that is 5’x7′ (with a 5’x4′ closet) included. The Live Room is 13’x18′. Now, I know that you are not supposed to make a recording studio a perfect square or rectangle. but, since this is being built on our property, the likelihood of someone buying our house years down the road and finding that “odd, slightly off” building in the back useful for anything else, makes me think twice about building it to “professional specifications”. So the sound characteristics of the recording studio will be handled on the inside once construction is complete.

Along with a 3’x6′ Studio window and a 3’x3′ Isolation Booth window (in blue on the drawing) there will also be a laminate flooring area (approx. 6’x8′) that is for the drums. Doing this adds the ability to make the drums more “bright” or more “controlled” by removing the rug from underneath them.

Day 1)

Here is the area behind the existing 24’x33′ garage the morning before construction. Notice how beautiful the yard is prior to construction.  : )

The workers showed up on time and are now removing the grass and digging out the ground to get it ready for the base layer of gravel.

The gravel foundation for the concrete is almost complete.

Gravel is finished and they are ready to lay the rebar and concrete. It is starting to look like something!

The foundation is ready for concrete. It is amazing how quickly these steps get done!

Here is the finished concrete slab. It doesn’t look very big but I assure you that it is the right size.

Day 2)

The framing has begun. I went out about 20 minutes after they arrived and they already have one wall up!

I am starting to get an idea of exactly what the building is going to look like!

In the blink of an eye, the walls are up and the wooden sides are on. This literally took about 15 minutes.

The inside framing is up and I noticed that they had put the window and door of the control room on the wrong side, so they fixed it. It is really important when you are having something built to always be involved. Remember, they are working for you!

The roof frame is up and they are closing it in. They also installed the waterproof layer on the outside of the wood.

Now it looks like an actual building! I cant wait to see what they will do on the next day!

Day 3)

The workers showed up early and are working on getting the siding and metal roof installed.

The siding is almost complete and matches the garage perfectly! I did this by design so that it isn’t obvious that there is a recording studio with a lot of expensive equipment in there. Though I have an alarm system, you can never be too careful.

The installation of the electrical has been completed. After seeing everything in place, I decided to add a few more lights than the original design. One above the console and another in the middle of the Live Room.

Day 4)

The Control Room now has Drywall on 3 sides and a Door! This is all coming together very nicely. I am starting to get a little excited about it being finished!

Day 5)

Drywall is all up and the AC/Heat is in and working great! (its about 36 degrees outside) Tomorrow they are going to start finishing the drywall and preparing to do the ceiling.

Day 6)

The Finishing process has begun. Lots of mud and sanding. Now that all the drywall is up you can definitely see how it is going to look when its completed.

Day 7)

The ceiling is done, the windows are in and the walls are primed. Is amazing how much a little trim makes in the look of everything.

Here is the view from the control room in to the live room and ISO booth.

Here you can see the angle of the control room window. This is done to help with the sound bouncing straight back. The slanted window instead points the sound towards the ground.

Day 8)

The 1st coat of paint has been applied! The colors look a little funny in the picture, but when you see the flooring I picked out, it will all make sense!

From inside the Control Room.

From inside the ISO Booth.

Day 9)

Paint is done! The only things left are a few exterior lights and the flooring!

Day 10)

It’s time for Flooring!

photo 2 photo 1

photo 4 photo 3

With all the flooring in it was time to clean up. I cant wait to start adding all the equipment, etc.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 4 photo 3

Day 11)

Coming Soon!


2 thoughts on “THE BRAND NEW STUDIO: (Finished Soon!)

  1. Dude your insane im gonna start making some stands next week and i might do the panels as well thanks heaps for the ideas!

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