Setting Up Pro Tools Headphone Mixes:

Create or Open your Session. Under the Options menu make sure that “Low Latency Monitoring” is checked. This will reduce the latency on all Analog Outputs.

Next we want to set the inputs and outputs of every Audio track to analog input and outputs. Do not use the ADAT or SPDIF inputs or outputs. The in/outs are set in the mixer window by clicking on the input and outputs labels and choosing from the menu. Set the input of every track to a separate input. Analog inputs 1-8 usually. Then we need to set the outputs of every Audio track to Analog 1-2 (Stereo).

If you hold down the Option key while changing one output they will all be changed together. Make sure that the Master Fader has it’s output set to Analog 1-2 (Stereo). The Master Fader has no input setting. Next we need to configure the Aux tracks. Set the input to Aux 1 to Bus 1 and the Output to Analog 7 (Mono). Set Aux 2’s input to Bus 2 and the output to Analog 8 (Mono). Now we need to set up every audio track to have send A assigned to bus 1 and send F to bus 2. In the View menu choose Sends A-E and select Send A. Then choose Sends F-J and select Send F.

Now assign Send A to Analog out 7 and Send F to Analog out 8.If you hold down the Option key while setting 1 channel they will all be set. Make sure that Aux tracks 1 and 2 do not have their sends assigned to Bus 1 and Bus 2.

In the Mixer window every channel should show a small fader for Inser A and Insert F. Click the “p” on each insert to make every send pre fader. Use the faders to set headphone levels like you would on a mixer.

Remember that Aux tracks 1 and 2 are the master levels for busses 1 and 2 and make sure that the levels do not peak on those channels.


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