First studio session in the New Studio… Here goes nothing!


Well, this weekend is the first scheduled studio session since the Studio Bunker was built. A few good friends of mine are in a band called “Attakulla” and they have graciously offered to be first band to record at the Studio Bunker and to basically be my in-studio “guinea pigs”.

The band’s name, Attakulla (“at-uh-KOO-la”), is inspired from the name of the lodge submerged at the bottom of Lake Jocassee in South Carolina.  Front man Greg Osborne spent several years living in the Carolinas before moving back to Indiana.  The lodge itself was named for Chief Attakulla, a Cherokee Indian whose Oconee tribe inhabited the area.

Since 2011 Attakulla has been creating what is best described as a revival of American garage rock wrapped in a crunchy, electrified folk sound. The band combines a roots-rock attitude with lyrical storytelling to rekindle the spirit of American rock ‘n roll.

If you are in the Indianapolis Indiana area and want to see them LIVE they will be playing at Birdy’s, Thursday 3/14 along with The Whiskey Gentry and Jacob Jones!

The other great thing about this band is the fact that they offer their New Album in it’s entirety up for FREE on their website!

(There will also be a new collection of songs will be released to the public in the coming months)


Free music, Rock and Roll, and an American Attitude… this will be a session to remember! Stay tuned for a sample from the session in the coming weeks!


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