Linda Lee – Session (Video)

Country Music Artist Linda Lee tracking the vocal track for her cover of the hit song “I’m Done”. Music track was recorded previously and this is the live video of the final take for the vocals.



TOPIC: The Importance Of A “Click Track” When Entering The Studio



In the modern music era, entering the studio for a demo or full album recording can be intimidating. The current state of popular top 40, hip-hop, and rock ‘n roll music may best be described as slick, polished, and harrowing to reproduce in anything but the most expensive studios. By extension, the sound of modern drumming is predominantly mechanical and measured. If you want to produce a recording with a professional sound, then you should consider whether, and how, to utilize a metronome, or “click-track.”

If you have never used a metronome before, the first step will be to choose a model that you are comfortable using. You will want to check that the sound of the click is audible while you play; but a harsh, grating tone will make your studio session an exercise in teeth-grinding. You will typically want your metronome or drum machine to sound like a cowbell: a precise, upper-midrange “ping” will cut through clearly in most playing situations.

Remember that the click-track is only your guide. The metronome is not making any music: you are. If you have put in the work in rehearsal, the click-track will not dominate or overshadow your studio session. You will have the assurance that your best performance will not have an unintended sway in tempo. By the same token, a click track will not fix a bad song, mask sloppy playing, or energize an uninspired performance. If used correctly and diligently, and if you remember to keep it musical, a click track can be a valuable tool to polish your playing and to finish your recording with a professional edge.

The Orchard Keepers Session – “King of Winter” Demo

From a recent Demo Session with “The Orchard Keepers”. Song name is “King of Winter”. All tracks but the vocals were recorded at once for a “Live Performance feel. I think we accomplished that and I am happy with the results.

orchard keepers

“The guys and I have nothing but good things to say about our experience at The Studio Bunker. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming which made playing our music come easier. We could tell how much work Tim had put into his studio as soon as we walked in the door. He gave us helpful tips, an always made sure we had everything we needed. He really made our EP sound professional and for that the band gives him all of our thanks. It was a fantastic experience.”

– The Orchard Keepers, Indianapolis, IN


October’s Episode of The Back Road Radio Show gets a little more ROCK!


Fans of the good-time music, The Back Road Radio Show shifts gears this time around with one of our magical “theme” episodes. Get ready to pump your fists and flick your Bic, because it’s time for another Low Dough Rock and Roll Show!

That’s right, in honor of all the great rock radio stations of yesterday, we’ve assembled a hot hour of crushing riffs, soaring vocals, and blistering solos – every one of them a truly deep cut by bands you know, and some you don’t.

And it’s all right here on The Back Road Radio Show, the hour of Rockified Power!